About Us

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“Our passion is providing tools, inspiration, and coaching of Body Awareness for office-bound employees. We thrive on transforming the team to High Achievers, improving employee awareness, productivity and engagement.”

The HI ACHIEVR Founder

Tony Olejnicki, exercise physiologist is the Founder of hiachiever.com and an architect of the HI ACHIEVR Mobility Awareness Program.

He graduated from Ashmead College in Seattle in 2004, in Exercise Physiology. Working for 7 years, preparing clients for high altitude challenges, Tony acquired a practical experience in high-altitude athletic training.

Over the past 20 years operating engineering consultancy and adventure enterprises, he has developed a strong leadership and coaching experience. In addition, Tony participated and led climbing and biking expeditions in Antarctica, New Zealand, Canada, the USA including Alaska, Mexico, South America, Nepal, Tibet and Australia.

Behind the Scenes

Tony Olejnicki went through a personal journey like most of the engineering graduates, working for multinational companies and getting professional experience. These challenging jobs and physical adventures became an essential part of life.

Tony has accomplished over 100 technical and semi-technical climbs of peaks above 9000ft. Furthermore, he completed epic bike riding adventures in North America, South America, Europe, and Australia.

HI ACHIEVR Mobility Awareness Program

The HI ACHIEVER Mobility Awareness Program is cost-effective and simple to implement. It promotes ergonomically driven activities and behavior. In addition, it is aided by sustainable fitness and also healthy working habits. As a result, this helps to reduce office work injuries, doubles the productivity and improves thinking. Most importantly, this is accessible to the majority of employees and it doesn’t involve strenuous exercises.